Facebook Contest App

FanCrank’s Facebook Contest App is the best way to engage and reward your Facebook followers!

Want to run a great contest on your Facebook Page? Use FanCrank’s  Top Fan of the Month app to award a prize to the most engaged fan on your Facebook Page!

How does FanCrank’s Facebook Contest App work?

A live example of FanCrank's top leaderboard, as seen by users.

A live example of FanCrank’s top leaderboard, as seen by users.

FanCrank rewards the social loyalty of everyone who interacts with you and others on your Facebook Page. Every time a user likes, comments, or posts on your Facebook wall, FanCrank will award them points. However, if the user creates a post or comment that generates more engagement from other users, their points multiply. At the end of the month, the scores are tallied and the winner is notified.  This way, FanCrank rewards the fans who get others to engage the most, instead of the fan who just spams your page trying to game the system.

Why is this the best contest app to use?

FanCrank’s Facebook Contest App is the best contest app for numerous reasons:

1: It’s easy to use.

FanCrank is easy to use for both administrators and users. Through it’s custom gamification system, it rewards your users for social actions that expand your reach and reward influencers without changing user behaviour.

Users simply do more of what they do on your Page, and you simply setup the prize(s).  Pages who promote the contest often see the best results.

2: Targets your best customers and followers. Expand your reach with C2C Marketing.

People who engage regularly with your brand through purchases and their time on social media are your strongest advocates. Every time one of your users interacts with you, it’s announced in their news feeds. FanCrank’s unique algorithm recognizes the top fan as the person who got the most people to interact on your page.

3: Get your fans to love you.

Users love FanCrank!

Users love FanCrank!

Users want to engage with you. FanCrank rewards that engagement. These are actual comments from people who talk about FanCrank..

What can I give away as a prize?

Anything you want. FanCrank’s admin panel facilitates fulfillment through the user app. Your users simply need to login to the FanCrank user app to redeem their prize. Some examples of great prizes we’ve seen our clients previously use:

  • Gift Cards
  • Coupons
  • Tangible goods
  • Couture items

FanCrank’s Facebook Contest App helps you to do a giveaway in a simple and effective way.

Is FanCrank’s Facebook Contest App compliant with Facebook’s guidelines?

Yes! Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines are very specific in what your page can and can’t do. Facebook requires all admins to use a third party app to do contests. By using FanCrank, you will adhere to Facebook’s promotions guidelines.

How much does it cost?

FanCrank’s Facebook Contest App is free for 45 days! The trial version of FanCrank allows your Facebook Page to give away one prize, for one month. You can reward up to 10 prizes per month in the pro version and activate even more engagement on your page.

How does FanCrank boost my Facebook Page?

Example of increased interactions

A before and after of Total count of Interactions (Likes, Comments, Posts) on a Facebook Page with 50,000 Likes. This is REAL data.

FanCrank encourages your customers to interact more with your posts, as well as others on your Facebook Page. As users begin to recognize that they can be rewarded for their engagement, they begin to create meaningful connections with each other on your Facebook page. Over time, you’ll see an increase over time in the amount of engagement.

Why do I want engagement?

Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm is designed to promote posts that have large amounts of engagement.  Because FanCrank encourages great community involvement from users, that engagement rate grows quickly.  With all that engagement, Facebook rewards your posts with more reach.

FanCrank increases your overall reach for a fraction of the price!  

Customer Testimonial: R.R.

FanCrank Customer Testimonial

R. R. recently started using FanCrank in the beginning of January. The results speak for themselves.

…just wanted to pop in a note for you and tell you that my first month with FanCrank has been incredible. My engagement has more than doubled in comparison to December, and my fans are crawling all over my page. I’ve attached an insights screenshot for you, should you wish to use it
anywhere. Thank you so much for your awesome app, i hope it’ll be around for a very long time!

How do I start?

Just log into the FanCrank Admin App to begin. Make sure you authorize the app properly, and the guide will take you in from there.

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