Beauty Mixer Swindles

First introduced in the untimely 2000’s, the Beauty Blender, an attractive palm-sized base makeup applicator, was introduced to transform the makeup industry. With the promise of a smooth seamless and faultless finish, this sponge has generated much buzz in the beauty and cosmetics arena. Now its fame has reached cult fave level. And for fine reason too. This sponge gives you the best possible application control and a flawless, airbrushed finish with minimal fuss. So

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The Bare Minimum Makeup You Need for Everyday

The no makeup makeup trend has taken the cosmetic world by storm and it does not look as if it’s going to die down anytime soon. Girls everywhere are clamouring to perfect it using light shades of brown and subtle lip tints. However, know that this is no easy feat to achieve. In fact, barely-there makeup is actually more difficult to master compared to, say, makeup for a girls’ night out. It requires just the

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How to Wear The Most Natural Eyeliner Look

In a world of winged eyeliner, smoky eyes and more visible makeup trends, what about the women that just want to enhance their makeup in the slightest and most natural kinds of ways? One of the favorite tricks for lining the eyes is actually quite simple, and so natural that no one can tell you're wearing anything. Here are the simple steps on how to wear and apply the most natural looking eyeliner:


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Why Toner Can Be Damaging to your Skin

With the extensive list of the uses and benefits of a toner, we should not overlook that there are always two sides of a story - which means that, this valuable toner can also have destructive effects for the skin. Just like any other products, toners are made up of numerous ingredients and chemicals. What is more, with the unchecked reputation of toners, one should also know what is in it and be watchful on

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The Rotten Look of Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

Overwhelmed with dark under-eye circles even later than a full eight hour beauty rest? Logically, we’d want to get clear of these annoying panda eyes as soon as we can. But before you give way to difficult (not to mention expensive) skin care fads, let us first come across out what causes them. Here is a small number of things you need to know:

1. Your sleeping position can cause dark circles and

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