Social Media Made Simple

Social Media Made Simple

Activate engagement on your Facebook Page by rewarding your followers with Social Loyalty.
Start by rewarding your top fan monthly with FanCrank for free.

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What is FanCrank?

FanCrank is a Facebook Page application that creates a Social Loyalty Platform for you.

Create and Communicate Incentives

  • Prizes
  • Coupons
  • Exclusive Offers

Reward Engagement

  • Increase Earned Media
  • Amplify Word of Mouth
  • Identify Top Fans

Drive Sales

  • Customer Insights
  • Reward Influencers and Advocates
  • Boost ROI

What does FanCrank look like?

Here's what the user app looks like, and it works on mobile as well!

What does FanCrank do?

FanCrank’s platform allows you to reward and incentivize engagement from your Facebook followers. Your users will then be rewarded for their engagement on your Facebook Page. Additionally, you get better insights and data from your user base. Find out what really drives people towards your page, and get a better understanding of who your advocates and influencers really are.

What do our customers think?

  • Jason Godfrey

    I wanted to use a contest that I could easily manage, while giving a great experience to my followers. FanCrank's Free Facebook Contest App did just that. I saw a jump in the number of people engaging on my page, and the feedback from everyone is great. Now I use it every month because it's a great and effective way to keep my followers engaged.

  • WizKidz

    We wanted to be able to measure how sales were driven through Facebook. We've been able to see that now with FanCrank by rewarding people with great offers and coupons. We've been able to drive sales by creating a rewarding and engaging experience for our customers.

Why Use FanCrank?

Easy to use

  • Installs in minutes
  • Easy to administrate
  • Works on mobile

Reward your top followers

  • Automatically acknowledge top fans
  • Activate your influencers
  • Amplify advocates

Boost engagement

  • Rewards drive likes, posts and comments
  • Algorithm encourages interactions
  • Expand reach

Get your fans to love you

  • Simply put, users love FanCrank